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Since the beginning of my professional life,

I have looked for working experiences

where I could both create and realise.

With a strong relationship to and sensibility for wood,  

I started to draw my own funiture and build it.

I propose spacial solutions and furniture

for specific rooms and needs. 

Currently living in Berlin, I work as an

independent furniture designer.


  • Woodwork training, INFA, Paris, 2015

  • Master degree in Interior Architecture, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris, 2011

  • Erasmus in Product Design, Universität der Künste (UDK), Berlin, 2009

  • Bachelor degree in Space Design, Ecole Boulle, Paris, 2007


Aside from my personnal work presented on this website,

I have worked for different architecture and design studios

in Paris, Berlin and New York.

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